Hybrid System installed at Le Chalet, North Kivu, DR Congo

  • System Design: August 2015
  • System Installation: September 2015
  • System Commissioned: September 2015

Client: Very happy customer

Project Goals

To pass from 6h per day of electricity provided by their 135kVA generator to 24/7 electricity provided by solar energy.



To make this system work perfectly the GoShop team replaced all high demanding appliances by low consumptions or solar appliances. (A+++ fridges and freezers, LEDs, solar water heater)

The electricity need of Le Chalet went from an average of 50kW to 7kW once the project completed.

The hybrid system has many advantages including:

  • co-locating the power control equipment in one location;
  • easy servicing;
  • easy upgrades for adding solar to the system;

This system provides a neat, practical and sustainable alternative to traditional diesel power for remote locations or locations where the grid is unstable.

The client is very happy with the installation and it travelled through so far without any auto generator starts. The generator will run only for high electricity demands to prevent any damage to the battery bank or in case the batteries are not fully charged due to the weather condition.

The site no longer have to run on diesel fuel, saving thousands of US dollar in fuel and transportation costs every year. This shows that diesel is not the best option.

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